Thursday, March 29, 2012

Support WFW's Request to Serve Alcohol on the Common this Summer!

A reminder that tonight at 7 pm, the Worcester Parks and Recreation Commission will hear WFW's request to serve alcohol as part of Movies on the Common 2012.

If you, like us, are of legal drinking age and are in favor of setting aside a small portion of the Common as an area where attendees can choose to go (or not go for that matter) and enjoy a beer or wine during the bands and/or movies this summer, please make plans to attend this evening and speak in favor of our request.

Site Plan for Movies on the Common 2012 Showing Proposed Location and Size of Beer & Wine  Garden

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worcester State Hospital Clock Tower, Take II

Below is a re-post of a comment I made to my original post on the subject on 3/6/12:

The symbolic opportunities that come with incorporating ruins into the clock tower monument intrigue me. A symbol of our collective failure to save the entire structure (this in itself is an important chapter in the history of this building). A symbol of our society's ongoing struggle to treat those with mental illness, the ruins themselves reflecting its history and symbolizing, together with the new buildings behind, our ongoing battle to help all who struggle with mental illness to become productive members of society. I really like the idea of somehow incorporating the clock tower and the ruins into some sort of "reflecting garden" dedicated to those that have battled mental illness. Ideally we would incorporate the natural environment, itself a symbol of healing, hope and renewal, into this garden of ruins. The interplay of the built and natural environment would make for a unique and special place.
New DMH Hospital_Architects rendering
from MA HHS Blog

Worcester Film Works Gearing Up for Movies on the Common 2012

There is a planning meeting scheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 5:30 pm at the Printers Building, 44 Portland St., 3rd. Flr. (offices of Davis Publications).

New volunteers are welcome! 

Visit for more details.