Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reimagining Public Transit in Worcester - Route 0205

Today we take a look at reimagining the WRTA's existing bus routes Route 2 - City Hall - Tatnuck Square via Pleasant St. and Route 5 - City Hall - SW Commons/Wheelock Ave. via Grafton St. 
Current Bus Routes 2 and 5 Reimagined and Overlaid (Blue) on the proposed AIRLINE BRT System (Red), Visitor Trolley (Green) and other Proposed Bus Routes (Purple)
The combined Routes 2 and 5 run pretty much along the same routes as they do today with the only major change being to the termination point of the Route 2 line. In the proposed route, the line terminates at Newton Square as compared to it's current format where the line continues on to Tatnuck Square. (In a future post I will show my reimagined Route 3 bus which I see as traveling along Highland St., through Newton Square and continuing on to Tatnuck Square and ORH via Pleasant St.) Note that the lines travel through downtown along the planned reconstructed Front St. which will provide public transit riders with a direct connection between City Hall and Union Station:
Downtown detail of Proposed Bus Route 0205 (Blue)

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